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This site is dedicated to all those that design, build, and test all of their own creations. The purpose of this site is to help you gain the insights and information you need to help you with your next project. Have fun, Be Safe, and Good Luck!


Up Coming Projects:

Ruger 10/22- Pressure Bedding- Almost Done!

Ruger 10/22- Stock Refinishing- Videos are Done Click Here!



Ruger 10/22 Bolt Modification

Written By Mark King

Here is a cheap, easy, and effective way to reduce friction while your bolt cycles while firing. This will help your gun run smoother and more efficiently while increasing your accuracy and helping reduce the amount of those pesky jams.


Ruger 1022 Bolt Mod 12

Ruger 10/22 Trigger Modification or Trigger Job

Written By Mark King

Here is a cheap, easy, and effective way to lighten the trigger pull of you Ruger 1022. All the modifide parts are stock parts and the tools are pretty much a shapening stone and sandpaper. As long as you are careful anyone can pull this modification off.


Ruger 1022 Trigger Job (21)

Ruger 10/22- Bolt Buffer Modification

Written By Mark King

Here is an easy and effective modification you can make to your Ruger 10/22. It is a Nylon Bolt Buffer or Bolt Stop that you make to replace the steel one that comes with the gun. This will help elimiate unwanted vibrations, reduce noise and may your rifle a bit more accurate.


Ruger 1022 Mod Bolt Buffer (10)



1995 Isuzu Rodeo Axle Replacement

Written By Mark King

One of my Rodeo's CV joints went out and the other axle's CV boot was torn, so I decided to replace both of them myself instead of having a mechanic do them. I figure I saved about $1,200 doing the repair myself. However, the repair was kind of a pain so I decide to document the second axle replacement in hopes that the tutorial will help make the repair easier for someone else.

95 Izusu Rodeo Axle Replacement (1) 

Carbon Fiber Bike Frame Repair 2- Tape Wrap Alternative

Written By Mark King

In this repair tutorial you will learn how to accomplish a carbon fiber bike frame repair using a tape compression wrap instead of using a vacuum system.

Toptube Fix (2) Toptube Fix (21)


Canoe Motor Mount

Written By Mark King

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a motor mount for your canoe. This mount works great for light-weight motors like electric trolling motors. This accessory helps make fishing and lake touring a blast!

Canoe Motor Mount (4)


Custom Carbon Fiber Longboard

Written By Mark King

This article / tutorial will show you how to create an awesome Downhill Racing Longboard. The board is made out of carbon fiber, foam, and a small amount of fiberglass laminate. This board will definitely give you a competitive edge over traditionallongboards but don't just take my word for it give this project a try and see for yourself. The written tutorial is almost done and I'm currently working on the Videos.


01 Carbon Fiber Longboard


Carbon Fiber Bike Frame Repair

Written By Mark King

This Article / Tutorial shows how to repair a carbon fiber bike frame's busted down tube.

Carbon Fiber Bike Repair 01 carbon fiber bike repair 32

Carbon Fiber Z Frame Bike

Written by Mark King

This bike is an "attention getter." Its beautiful and unique shape really sticks out among the other bikes. Plus it's aerodynamics really make it fly... Well, almost- it's still a bit heavy. 

Carbon Fiber Z Frame Bike 01

Vibram Five Fingers Pedal Platforms- Carbon Fiber for Cycling

Written by Mark King

These platforms were a last minute build but work great for cycling. They are especially designed to work with VFF or Vibram Five Finger Shoes.

Pedal Platforms Finished with shoe

Custom Made Kydex Holster Project / Tutorial

Written by Mark King

These amazing holsters are cheap and easy to make. They work especially well for guns that have hard-to-find holsters. 

01 custom kydex holsters

Carbon Fiber Bike Project

This sweet carbon fiber bike was built by Mark King. The frame weighs 3.1 lbs or 1,406 grams.

Homemade Carbon Fiber Bike