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Bicycles & Bike Components

Welcome to the Bicycle page. These bicycle projects have been documented to help inspire fellow Project Junkies so they can create and build a functioning bicycle frames and bike components. If you have a bike project you would like to share with the Project Junkie community let us know so we can get it posted. Good luck and be safe!


Resources, Guides, and Tutorials

Hopefully the following resources, guides, and tutorials will help you with your next project. Good luck and be safe!

Composite Resources

Guides and resources to composites that will help you with your next composite project.

Guns, Firearms, and Accessories

Included here are projects involving the creation and modification of anything related to guns, rifles, and firearms. This includes projects for real guns, airsoft guns, paintball guns, toy guns, and etc. 

Longboards & Accessories

These tutorials are for building, longboards, and other skateboard accessories.

Watercraft and Accessories


These tutorials are for making watercraft like motor boats, canoes, kayaks, hydroplanes, submarines, and etc. Plus tutorials on accessories to make them better. 





Here is a list of car, suv, motorcycle, trike, and other rv type projects. 

Costumes and Props


These articles show various costumes and props. You can use these projects for Cosplay or Holloween.